How to apply for credit?

Having projects is one thing, but funding them is another. Indeed, it is not always easy to get the funds necessary for their realization. This is why it can be interesting to opt for a loan, regardless of the project.

Credit application: choose the right product

Credit application: choose the right product

In this guide, we explain how to choose the right financial product and give you the keys to make the best decision. This will make it easier for you to answer the questions “How do I apply for credit?” and “Who can make a loan?”.

The project to finance

You have a project, but financing it requires cash. The very first question to ask yourself before even considering applying for credit is what is the corresponding bank loan . It is therefore necessary to examine the project and define its nature: do you want to change your kitchen? Or have solar panels installed? If these two adjustments involve work on your premises, it will not however be the same loan. For example, in the first case, the corresponding loan is a renovation loan. In the second case, the adapted loan is a green credit, which will offer you a much more interesting interest rate. It is therefore essential to be well informed in order to determine which financial product is right for you.

In the second step, you will need to estimate the amount necessary to finance your project. If you want to make a specific purchase, be sure to request a quote to get a clear idea of ​​the amount you need. You can also surf the web and estimate the prices on the market for the desired item. However, in the case of a loan all goals, we will not ask you to justify your expenses. This means that it is up to you to decide how much you want to borrow and how you will use it.

Inventory of your financial situation

Before even starting to look at the offers available on the market, ask yourself the following essential question: what is my repayment capacity ? Can I afford to apply for credit and cover the costs involved?

Indeed, a little later in your process, you will have to decide on how long you want to repay your bank loan. If it is not possible to estimate the budget that we will have in five or ten years, it is however important to ask the following questions:

  • Do I have a project to make a big acquisition? (example: a car, a house)
  • Do I still have a permanent contract? Will I change companies?
  • Will I have expenses that I don’t have today? (example: arrival of children in a couple)

If you cannot answer these questions with certainty, they can still give you a more precise idea of ​​the future state of your finances and will prevent hasty decisions.

Find the loan that suits you

Now that you have defined your project and examined your financial situation, you need to find the best financing option. No secret here, you will have to find out more about the credit offers in the country.

There are two main types of loan:

The affected loan , such as a car , work or motorcycle loan . This type of loan allows you to finance a particular good or service and you will have to attach to your credit request proof of the purchase to be made (order form or quote, for example) and send it all to your financial institution in order to to be able to release the funds.

They are different in nature and both respond to the same conditions with regard to the application process as well as its repayment conditions, which are fixed in advance in the loan contract . To find the best credits in the country, we recommend that you simulate your loan and compare the loans online on lenders.

What you need to know before applying

What you need to know before applying

Important points to consider

A loan is a financial product adapted to the needs of the client. In this perspective, the duration of reimbursement of the contract plays an essential role, because it defines the rate that applies as well as the monthly payment to be reimbursed. The interest rate will strongly depend on this duration. The APR or Annual Effective Annual Rate corresponds to the interest paid on an annual basis to which are added the administrative costs relating to your loan. The higher the latter, the higher the total cost of your loan. Also, be aware that a rate above 6% is likely to create what is called bad debt .

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A bad debt is a debt that impoverishes you, without creating real benefits for you. In other words, it is a purchase not really necessary and costing you more than it should in the long term. This type of debt is notably the source of many cases of over-indebtedness . So think carefully before applying for credit that you may regret.

Rights and obligations

There are indeed a number of legal provisions that protect you as a borrower. These allow you to think about your options, obtain additional information, modify the duration of your repayments, or even give up your loan if the decision is necessary.

How to optimize your credit application file?

How to optimize your credit application file?

Optimizing your application file potentially increases your chances of obtaining a loan quickly.

Start collecting documents

Providing a complete file from the start is the first thing to do: it shows your organizational spirit and that you are serious in your efforts. Therefore, refer to the list of supporting documents to be provided above and collect them before going to a bank. In addition, by consulting a financial advisor, you can already present these documents to him and get an idea of ​​the credit and its repayment terms before officially filing your loan request.

Go ahead

However, applying for credit should not be a decision taken on a whim. You have to think about it before you start, because you potentially commit to years in which you will have to meet your deadlines. So, 6 months before proceeding with your request, start putting your expenses in order to show that you have a good borrower profile.

For example, start setting aside, even a little, but every month. This shows that you are disciplined and reasonable, and know how to manage your recurring expenses alongside your savings. Avoid overdrafts as much as possible to show that you don’t live on credit .

Make a personal contribution

If however you do not have the best of profiles, you can wait and collect part of the necessary amount. By making a personal contribution, you guarantee yourself a lower interest rate, and show the lender that you have a good repayment capacity. This sum generally represents between 10% and 50% of the amount of the loan .

Bring a deposit

Always in the spirit of strengthening your borrowing profile, it may be well to ask a family member or a close friend to act as guarantor for you. So, in case you encounter financial difficulties, the latter can help you and pay your monthly payments .

Compare loans

By comparing the different credits in the country , you will have a better idea of ​​the rates charged and the usual repayment periods. Indeed, a warned man is worth two. This will allow you to find the best credit for your profile and according to your criteria, and to be able to direct you to the appropriate financial institution. On lenders, you are directly redirected to the bank concerned and can then apply for credit online in just a few minutes!

As you will have understood, applying for credit is not a decision to be taken lightly. Be aware of your repayment possibilities and the possible development of your financial situation so that you can rebound in case of difficulties. And finally, remember that borrowing money also costs money and that you agree not only to repay the amount borrowed, but also to pay interest .

Loans despite training is in demand

Who should have more wishes and dreams than the youth. Some of the training salary can make it possible. Unfortunately, larger requests often require a loan to be realized. Loans despite training are therefore in demand. The eligibility can be easily achieved under the right conditions. It is usually easy to create these conditions.

Loans despite training – unproblematic and quick

Loans despite training - unproblematic and quick

Loans in spite of training can be easily approved under certain circumstances. Smaller sums, which roughly correspond to the scope of the training salary, can be financed on your own through an overdraft facility. A disposition is granted to practically everyone who has a regular income from work. The credit line is between one and two months’ salary. Before the overdraft facility is exhausted, it should be noted that the interest rates for this type of loan are extremely expensive.

Larger sums, for example the purchase of a vehicle, are not so easy to secure from the apprentice salary. Additional credit protection is necessary. One way of securing credit would be high-quality property security, but very few trainees have such values. The problem of lack of security is still easy to solve. Guarantors, usually the parents, can guarantee the necessary security when lending.

Possible providers of loans for trainees

Possible providers of loans for trainees

Loans despite training can come from almost any credit provider under the above conditions. Of course, the house bank is ideal for the overdraft facility. In the case of installment loans, however, a loan comparison should decide who gets the contract. Credit comparison calculator make this task a breeze. They compile the possibilities from countless different offers and list them sorted by interest rates.

The loan amount that apprentices normally search for is within the framework of a small loan. This type of loan is offered up to around 5,000 USD. The advantage of a small loan lies not only in the often very low interest rates, but also in the simplified approval process. Without large “paperwork” small loans are granted quickly and unbureaucratically. The payment is also not long in coming. On average, the process takes about five to seven working days.

Installment purchase is also an uncomplicated loan option

Installment purchase is also an uncomplicated loan option

The new tablet PC or the game console does not necessarily have to be financed through the expensive overdraft facility. Using the credit offers from the mail order company is easier and cheaper. Commodity loans serve to promote sales. Small amounts of credit are approved quickly and easily. Only new customers who place their first order have to expect a more complex credit check. For everyone else, the process is effortless.

Loans despite training and, on top of that, interest-free are also possible. The contact person for this is the training company’s payroll office. This credit option is particularly popular in the pre-holiday period. The advance on vacation pay is almost a traditional loan. For generations, it has been used to finance vacation time.

Loans without Credit Bureau information from Switzerland


While in Germany every borrowing – there are always exceptions in the pawnshop and often with employer loans – is linked to a Credit Bureau request, Swiss banks grant their loans without being able to make an inquiry to the protection community, as they are not members there. Swiss banks, however, use other methods to protect themselves against bad debts, but their loans are still accessible to people with negative Credit Bureau characteristics.

Who are Swiss loans without Credit Bureau suitable for?

Who are Swiss loans without Credit Bureau suitable for?

Most Swiss financial institutions only grant loans without Credit Bureau information from Switzerland to employees and civil servants. Self-employed and freelancers, like pensioners and pensioners, only receive a Credit Bureau-free loan from a few Swiss banks. In addition, Swiss banks require a significantly higher minimum wage than most German credit institutions for lending without Credit Bureau information.

Another security of the loans without Credit Bureau information from Switzerland is the low loan amount, which amounts to a maximum of three to five thousand USD depending on the bank. Swiss banks rarely grant higher loans. Swiss banks also limit the age of the borrower and reject applicants if they are not citizens of their country of residence.

The submission of several loan applications to different banks in Switzerland fails because the borrowing is reported to the ZEK. This is a Swiss institution comparable to Credit Bureau.

Most people apply for Swiss loans without Credit Bureau on the basis of existing negative entries with the German credit protection, which often lead to rejections of the applications made to German lenders. A few customers of the Swiss banks, despite a positive Credit Bureau wish that their loan taken out will not be registered there.

The process of granting credit from Switzerland

The process of granting credit from Switzerland

The banks pay the loans without Credit Bureau information from Switzerland to a German bank account and in USD, so there is no currency risk for the borrower. A German bank account of the Swiss bank paying out the loan is also available for repayment, so that there are no bank charges for international payments.

Despite the high minimum requirements for borrowers’ income, Swiss loans are associated with an increased risk of default for the bank due to the failure to submit a Credit Bureau request. This risk is expressed in the interest rates payable on loans from Switzerland, which are slightly higher than the average German interest rate.

Of course, Swiss banks also state the effective annual interest rate when they advertise their loan offers in German media. Since various banks in Switzerland offer loans without Credit Bureau in Germany, borrowers can find the cheapest loan by comparing their offers.

Loans for self-employed from Switzerland.


Loans for the self-employed who come from Switzerland are a way out of the credit crunch. Foreign loans have been part of the success of the German economy for many years. Best banks shy away from credit risk and overlook the future prospects of companies. The article explains how to apply for a foreign loan and what alternatives there are for entrepreneur loans.

Loans for the self-employed from Switzerland – the classic Lite lender loan

Loans for the self-employed from Switzerland - the classic Lite lender loan

Anyone looking for a loan as an entrepreneur in Germany does not have it easy. The commercial banks are extremely “conservative” when it comes to lending. Only with the BWA “armed” no one has to go to the house bank. An entrepreneur is only creditworthy if he can demonstrate comprehensive economic forecasts and sufficient security. Credit protection is required that only a few are able and willing to provide.

For many entrepreneurs, self-employed loans come from Switzerland. Of course, a Lite lender bank wants to invest their money safely. Nevertheless, collateral is not the only measure of all things. Full order books and good quarterly figures clearly count when lending. The interest rates are adjusted to the credit risk and remain affordable. However, the cantonal banks do not grant direct loans. The help of a credit intermediary is always necessary.

Foreign credit through the intermediary

Foreign credit through the intermediary

Loans for self-employed persons from Switzerland cannot be applied for directly from one of the cantonal banks. The reason for this is simple. Foreign banks cannot check customer information without the help of a domestic intermediary. Money can be easily transferred from one country to another. It is different when looking at the personal data of citizens. Similar to the way the German tax authority receives no legal information about German tax evaders, so do the foreign banks.

The help of a credit broker is therefore the way out for both sides. The intermediary collects the information and compares the credit options. He then transmits the data, answers any queries and ensures that the process runs smoothly. The services of a credit intermediary are only paid as a performance fee. If he fails with his efforts, there is no obligation to pay.

Alternatives to foreign credit for the self-employed

Alternatives to foreign credit for the self-employed

The USD crisis is having an impact on the market for risk loans. Banks that issue venture capital across borders face significantly increased requirements. The Basel contracts are the basis for the changes in the credit landscape. Refinancing has become significantly more expensive for every commercial investor. As a result, loans for self-employed people from Switzerland are more expensive and difficult to approve.

The market’s solution to the problem was to promote personal loans on a large scale. Private investors are not affected by the Basel agreements. The threads in the background remain firmly in the hands of the Lite lender. The bank, which in the past preferred to grant foreign loans, is now responsible for the orderly process of personal loans.

Micro credit to help entrepreneurs excludes banks



Micro credit helps people who find themselves on the fringes of the traditional financial system, by granting them a small loan to launch projects or simply finance a means of transport to get to their work.

Promote entrepreneurship with micro credit for the most vulnerable

Promote entrepreneurship with micro credit for the most vulnerable

If micro-credit were to be proclaimed, it would be the promotion of talents who experience a form of exclusion to get a job or to start a business. For the past thirty years, the association has provided its expertise for this purpose by helping women, seniors and young people to finance their installation in their own business. This population hardly knows how to make itself heard, in an economic world which favors the sectors located in large centers. The mission of social borrowing aims to finance economic projects, modest but viable throughout the territory.

For several years, outstandings relating to micro-credit projects have increased steadily. In 2017, the number of obtaining this type of loan increased by 8%, which shows a strong dynamic for this sector. In 2018, more than 25,000 microloans were granted to people excluded from the traditional banking system. In some cases, the agreement of this type of credit opens the doors of network banks, which accelerates the realization of the professional project. These loans allow the acquisition of a few tools to launch a workshop, or the payment of the commercial lease. With a few thousand dollars available, workers find their way back to work without being knocked out by borrowing at high rates.

Another good news for the representative of the association, the rule which limited the micro credit to the companies installed for less than five years has just been lifted. This system opens up new prospects for small entities which are struggling to increase their turnover. If the association has managed to find a balanced budget for three decades, it is because its economic model shows a certain stability.

Fight unemployment with micro credit

Fight unemployment with micro credit

On average, the sums do not exceed USD 10,000 so that the loan holder can easily repay his loan. In the event of default, most of the time, the project holders subscribe to a guarantee fund which reimburses the loan. However, the default rate of such a financial model seems lower than corporate loans. However, microcredit does not stop only at financing companies. Projects can focus, for example, on acquiring a car for people who find it difficult to find a job. To do this, two types of micro credit coexist.

The first aims to create a small business, while personal micro credit mainly finances access to employment (financing of a means of transport to get to work). In addition, professional micro credit represents 60% of outstanding for the creation of a business. If the credit helps to get out of immobilization, it is nonetheless modest to limit the risk. Finally, it can also be supplemented by a credit consolidation to lower its debt ratio while developing its activity. To do this, a simulation makes it possible to view the new credit conditions.

What you need to know about fast credit?


If you are looking for a financing formula available immediately, quick credit may be the solution for you. The personal loan is the type of fast loan likely to help you out for a financial emergency or to be used to finance a personal project.

Features of fast credit

Features of fast credit

Rapid credit, as the name implies, can be used immediately if your loan request has been positively answered by the lender. This answer would have been given to you in 24 or 48 hours only. As opposed to a mortgage which is a long-term credit whose loan duration extends over several years, a rapid credit is a short-term credit repayable fairly quickly.

Not only is a fast credit usable right away, but you can also borrow it without having to present proof of use. What characterizes besides a personal loan from where its name of “personal loan without documentary evidence”. The borrowed capital will be paid into your bank account after a day or two at the most and you are free to use it without having to justify your expenses to the creditor.

Advantages of this type of loan

Advantages of this type of loan

Obtaining a fast loan does not present any real complication, the flexibility of the terms of its granting is one of the major advantages of this type of loan. If you are facing a big urgent financial problem, taking out a quick loan would be the most advisable financing solution. Provided you have a good loan applicant profile, you are likely to have cash in 24 hours. The offerer will not fail to consider your file if you have a reliable and long-term job as well as a stable salary. One of the tricks of being granted your fast credit would be to provide documents justifying the good health of your financial situation such as your last payslips and your recent bank statements.

If you need a fast cash loan online, be sure to research the online lender, don’t fall for any scams. Try to communicate with your billing companies for extensions and take time to calm down and think it through before you make a fatal mistake but if you are in a tough financial situation and definitely need a loan read the terms and conditions. these lenders love to hear you say ‘ I need a loan now please help” they will assign you a high-interest rate but within a business day the cash will be in your bank account.   

Can we borrow without contribution?


When a loan request is constructed “without contribution”, it is a loan at 110% which covers the acquisition of the property and related costs (guarantee costs, notary fees, etc.). If the spectrum of banking establishments likely to accept this condition is lower, it remains possible.

Without contribution, can a bank refuse to make a loan offer?

Without contribution, can a bank refuse to make a loan offer?

When considering a loan application, all banks determine the level of non-repayment risk you represent. This is why, the majority prefer that the borrower can bring around 10%, even 20% of the price of the property.

In the current context where housing prices remain low, the notion of risk has (re) become the main concern of banks. The property can thus depreciate and no longer cover the entire amount to be reimbursed, generating, in the event of non-payment, a dead loss for the lending establishment, despite the foreclosure of the accommodation.

Today, many banks prefer to refuse credit rather than take this risk. The lack of personal contribution being the source of 25% of loan refusals. However, other factors can tip the scales on the other side.

What are the rules for obtaining a loan without contribution?

What are the rules for obtaining a loan without contribution?

If, to buy a property, it is better to have a personal contribution, it is possible to obtain a loan without contribution, when his file has these advantages:

– A stable professional situation. If you don’t have a permanent contract, the last 3 years of an entrepreneur’s activity must be able to inspire this stability. In 2015, 22% of files were rejected due to this criterion.

– A sufficient level of income. The ideal is to have an individual minimum wage of USD 2,000, without having taken out consumer loans. The debt level must not be reached with the real estate project. Note that in 2015, it was the bank’s first reason for refusal (30%).

– Good account management. The banks are carefully studying the candidate’s ability to save, as are his overdrafts, peeling the account statements for the last 3 or even 10 months. In 2015, 23% of loans were refused due to this mismanagement.

– Age. The absence of a personal contribution is more easily justified when the loan applicant is young. Not to mention that the bank can expect an evolution in its revenues, while benefiting from attractive insurance rates.

Can this criterion affect the rate?

Yes! By borrowing without contribution, it is difficult to benefit from the best rates, for the simple reason that the scale of banks is built on the level of income and on this personal contribution. Therefore, the borrower can only benefit from average rates.

And no! Because by promoting your file properly with your contact, you may be able to negotiate a few points…

Why not let your broker negotiate for you?

Why not let your broker negotiate for you?

You will understand, several parameters are taken into account for:

  • on the one hand, manage to borrow without contribution,
  • and on the other hand manage to benefit from a “good rate”.

In this situation, calling on a credit broker is the solution to achieve this result!

Depending on your profile, he will be able to mount your financing file, to present it in his best angle, because he knows the establishments most likely to accept a loan at 110%.

He will negotiate for you with his banking partners the conditions of your loan and the rate in order to present you the best offer!

Finally, the credit expert will avoid the wave of discouragement associated with refusals from certain banking establishments that you could wipe alone, because its mission is to allow you to acquire the property for which you fell in love!

Consumer Credit | expenditure without proof


Financial organizations differentiate two major groups of loans for individuals. Real estate credit but also consumer credit. The legislator brings numerous regulations in order to protect the consumer in each of these offers. In the subdivision of consumer credit, there are two subsets:
earmarked appropriations and unrestricted expenditure. In the first case, the sums borrowed are precisely listed with the credit organization. This is the case of a quote which determines the amount of the loan. In the second case, the sums are not allocated to a specific goal. This is a loan of a free sum with no specific objective. How to choose a loan correctly? How to determine the appropriate type of loan?This is the question that this article is led to answer.

What does consumer credit with earmarked expenditure mean?

What does consumer credit with earmarked expenditure mean?

A loan generally requires documents relating to the investment which motivates this loan. In itself, the banking institution which grants the loan seeks information on the requested amount and the final purpose of the credit. In addition, knowing the need reassures creditors about the nature of the credit and in fact reduces the risk, which therefore limits the price of this credit.

An owner who plans to carry out renovations brings quotes to his bank that determine the need for financing. The case remains the same for the purchase of a car. Once this amount has been assessed, the borrower asks his bank for a credit which, if accepted, will release the funds once the invoices are returned.

In a sense, this mechanism allows the bank to prove the reasons for the use of the borrowed money. However, this model seems more complex to administer because the borrower juggles between the sums he uses and the sums he expects to collect from his bank. In addition, the bank can refuse the amount of invoices sent for lack of visibility, which can make administrative procedures more difficult. In fact, this credit model requires more organization and mainly concerns large sums.

What does consumer credit involve without proof?

What does consumer credit involve without proof?

Consumer credit without proof seems easier to implement since it does not require a quote or even an invoice. This type of loan is perfectly suited to renovation work projects, for example, if the owner seeks to carry them out himself. Expenses are then allocated to the financing of materials. In the event that an owner tries to employ someone without knowing exactly the need cost of his work, the unallocated sums bring more flexibility into the budget. In addition, for a wedding, it is difficult to prepare all the supporting documents, which is why a credit without supporting documents is more adequate. However, this type of credit generally means a more expensive cost since it is not a credit with a specific objective.

The bank considers the risk higher and this ultimately affects the amount to be reimbursed. To do this, a loan of this type still requires administrative documents such as identity, income and bank statements to be granted. Stable employment and clear credit ratings can help guarantee the loan repayment to the credit institution.